It is estimated that 1.7 million women and girls
are living with HIV in Asia and the Pacific.

Transgender women are

49 times
more likely to have HIV

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Unzip the Lips is a platform of individuals and organizations working for the rights and meaningful participation of key affected women and girls in the context of HIV and its intersections with other gender issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

Arising out of grassroots activism, Unzip the Lips has evolved since its inception as a campaign in 2011. Today, it is the only region-wide civil society-led platform bringing together diverse communities of marginalized women who are living with, affected by, and at higher risk of HIV to advocate collectively for improved health and human rights policies.

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The Key Affected

The Unzip the Lips platform defines key affected women and girls in Asia and the Pacific as women and girls most at risk of, and most affected by, HIV.

They include:

Women and girls living with HIV
Female sex workers
Female drug users
Transgender people
Mobile and Migrant women
Female prisoners
Women and girls with disabilities
Women in sero-discordant relationships as well as female partners of men who engage in behaviors that put them at higher risk of HIV infection.

“Unzipping CEDAW: A Guide to the Rights of Key Affected Women and Girls”

Unzipping CEDAW

NEW!  “Unzipping Agenda 2030 for Key Affected Women and Girls in the HIV epidemic in Asia and the Pacific”

Unzipping Agenda 2030

“Unzipping the News - The E-Newsletter of Unzip the Lips

In each edition of “Unzipping the News“, you will find the highlights and latest updates on activities carried out by Unzip members and KAWG community networks, recent available online resources and upcoming opportunities for funding and advocacy.


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